Te Reo Māori - National Professional Development Workshops for The Curriculum Guidelines for Teaching and Learning Te Reo Māori
Nau mai, haere mai.
Here you will find copies of materials used in the workshops:

Also: please feel free to join 'wikispaces' and then 'upload' stuff you create and use too! or e-mail me a copy :-)
Nga mihi nui! Hei konei, na Dee

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Tame's Powerpoint - note: sound files not included

Reflective Questions (following Tame's powerpoint)

"No hea koe" activity

"He aha to nama waea" activity

"Treasure Hunt" - Questions

"Treasure Hunt" - Answers

IRDPX - activity explained

Example IRDPX activities (word docs include 'instructions' - meant to be printed on cards) (powerpoint is an 'emotions' vocabulary example

The "Graduate Profile" powerpoint with questions around 'goals and aspirations for our students..."

Powerpoint about 'Communicative Approach'

Useful Websites!
Dee's delicious:http://delicious.com/dreid8
Te Reo home page on TKI http://www.tki.org.nz/e/community/language/maori/
Ka Mau te Wehi on TKI http://www.tki.org.nz/r/language/lls/wehi/index_e.php
Lesson Plans on TKI http://www.tki.org.nz/r/maori_mainstream/lesson_plans/index_e.php
Teacher Resources on TKI http://www.tki.org.nz/r/maori_mainstream/teacher_resources/index_e.php
WICKED on TKI (interactives avalable here) http://www.tki.org.nz/r/wick_ed/

These are just a FEW useful websites - there are sooooooooooooo many more!!!! :-) happy surfing.

Planning Templates
Here are copies of the templates included in the workshop folders - please modify to better suit your planning needs

Summaries of Group Contributions
Here are copies of the sessions where groups contributed ideas around Goals and Aspirations etc: